Eva Tree, daughter of the Kootenays, has returned home after many years away.

Eva is a Canadian singer-songwriter that combines Folk Americana, Soulful Roots and Appalachian influences to weave a sound that is unique and unmistakably her own.

She has released two full length albums on her own publishing label, Treacle Tree, and is currently working on her third which will be titled Holding Rain; and is being co-produced by her husband, musician Bill Dickerson. Eva's storytelling is both keen and warm-hearted, leavening even the most sorrowful tales with a touch of hopefulness and grace. Her vocal delivery creates a complexity and sweetness of sound which is right at the crossroads where heartfelt yearning meets joyful. She paints for the listener a soundscape of color and mood that is evocative and compelling with running themes of fire, ponies, snow, love and the strengths and frailties of the human heart.

Eva plays out independently, as a duo, trio or quartet. Her songs stand alone or are complemented by other musical collaborators, such as her husband, Bill Dickerson, with his clean inventive guitar stylings, and Hal Rezansoff's warm upright bass tones.

When Eva graduated from Nelson’s Selkirk College of Music in 1994, she was inspired to follow her dreams of making music professionally. After joining a band based in New Mexico, she spent the next three years touring across the United States and abroad. Tree then moved to Seattle and immersed herself in the rich Folk and Americana scene, where she hosted an open mic and played out often in collaborative songwriting circles and also with her full band.

Tree believes Music is Medicine and has shared her songs at campfires, open mics, galleries, hospitals, prisons, house concerts, festivals, schools, political rallies and more.

Her debut CD, Blue Skies, received positive attention and has been featured on KBCS. Her second project, Sail Away, a collaborative effort with her poet father, Blake Parker, and producer Jude Davison, was released in September 2006 and received positive reviews as well as air play both locally and internationally with tracks featured on CBC, KUOW, and BBC.